What to Wear Under a Kimono? A Guide For Male And Female

what to wear under a kimono?

When wearing kimono or yukata, is it better to have special undergarments? For kimono wearers in particular, many are not sure what kind of undergarments they should wear with it. Frequently asked questions also include "what is the difference between Japanese underwear and what I normally wear?" This article will answer these questions as well as any other queries you may have about kimono clothing.

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No Undergarments Allowed To Wear Under The Kimono?

In Japanese tradition, Japanese people used to wear kimono without any undergarments, they would wear a piece of cloth known as Hadajyuban (肌襦袢) and Susoyoke(裾よけ). However, this traditional rules are no longer required in this modern world.


What Is A Hadajuban?


Hadajuban is a Japanese-style undergament for the upper body, it is an age old tradition in Japan. This style of clothing can be worn on directly on bare skin because it is made from hemp and cotton, which are excellent for sweat absorbents.


What Is A Susoyoke?


This is Japanese-style underwear for the lower body. Since it is used together with the hadajuban, it is often also made of hemp or cotton.


What Is A Hadagi?

Hadagi (肌着), is a combination of the hadajuban and susoyoke. They are made to be like Western clothing so that those who have no experience with kimono will not feel out of place when wearing them.


Why Avoid The Highlights Of Our Body Outline When We Are Wearing Kimono?

Japanese Kimono

When wearing a kimono, the traditional Japanese dress for formal occasions and social gatherings, you should not wear anything under it. There are three main reasons why this is the case.

Because It Will Damage The Shape Of Kimono

Undergarment like bras don't exactly match the kimono wear. Bras are great for supporting your bust and keeping it up, but they will also damage the shape of the kimono. A bra can even open the collar of a kimono wider over time.

Because It Will Ruin The Beautiful Curves Of Kimono

When wearing a kimono, the cylindrical shape of the body is beautiful. This shape shows off your beauty without emphasizing any curves which can be seen in other styles of clothing like dresses or jeans. If you wear undergarments that accentuate certain parts of your body, this will not work with a kimono because its style does just the opposite by keeping everything covered up!

Because You May Get A Deep Cut From Bra Wire

The wire in a bra can cut into the skin, especially if you are wearing the kimono. The chest strap of the kimono is tied on the underside of your bust and it may hurt when this digs too deep.


What Kind Of Undergarments Are Recommended To Wear With Kimono?

Please wear the undergarments that will not limit your motion, especially when you are sitting down and bowing. Another consideration is to wear underwear that will not have visible underwear line.


What Kind Of Panties Are Recommended?

There are many factors to consider when deciding what type of panties to wear. One important consideration is whether or not the panty line can be seen while wearing a kimono, as this could cause embarrassment in public settings such as weddings and tea ceremonies. Seamless underwear with lace at the back and T-back style underpants are some options that may work well for you if your goal is avoid having an unwanted peek through your clothing during these sorts of events.


What Kind Of Bras Are Recommended? 

If you plan on wearing a kimono, it's important to know what kind of bra will be the best for that outfit. A kimono-style bra should work well with your clothing choice and provide enough coverage so as not to have any chance in showing through your top layer. If this isn't an option or if you don't own one, another alternative would be a sports bra or non-wire style which has no wire under the bustline area like traditional bras do; these can flatten out breasts while still providing support.

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