LED Kitsune Mask $45.00
Whether you're looking to dress up as your favorite character or just have a blast at any Halloween party, this LED Kitsune Mask will make an excellent addition. The Kitsune mask is known for its appearances in anime and Kitsune mask is one of those popular cosplay items that every fanatics wants! Details: Product Size: 28 * 18CMProduct Voltage: Standard 3VAA 5th battery
Oni Mask - Halloween Mask $37.00
Oni Mask. The most well-known Japanese mask is called an Oni mask after the demon-like creatures from Japanese folklore. These masks typically depict either a red or blue horned creature with two long fangs protruding from its mouth. An Oni mask is used in the Japanese culture and is a common tattoo choice for those who believe in good and evil forces, as well as different power that surrounds us. This mask is a symbol of protection for those who believe in the spiritual world. Details: Package Size: 170 * 130 * 50 mmMaterial: Resin
LED Face Mask - Japanese ... $85.00
Looking for the best Halloween, cosplay and party mask this year? This transformable LED face mask is exactly what you are looking for. It comes with 45 dynamic display modes and 70 static images, you'll definitely stand out at any parties or cosplay events! Up to 10 hours of battery life ensure that this cool gadget last through even the longest night celebrations. Package Includes: Instructions Manual * 1USB Type C * 1Led Face Mask * 1 Details: LED Beads: 2074 pcs LED Pixel: 46 * 58Charging Time: 5 HoursBattery Life: 10 HoursPackage Size: 25.7 * 21.5 * 9.3 CM  
LED Anime Mask - Makomo Mask $45.00
Looking for the perfect Halloween mask, cosplay mask and party mask? introducing the LED anime mask - Makomo mask. Made famous by the well known anime called Demon Slayer, the character name Tanjiro wears the mask called Makomo mask. Get yourself a LED Makomo Mask and cosplay yourself as Tanjiro today! Details: Material: Eco-friendly PVCWeight: 130gSize: 25*19*6 CM

What Is A Japanese Mask?

Japanese masks have been used in performing arts like kabuki and Bunraku for centuries. These days they're also popular as a fashion accessory, especially among people of Japanese descent!

The face covering made from cloth or paper is worn to conceal one's identity while roleplaying an opposite sex character at events such Kamishibai (Japanese storytelling).

It’s not just theater though-these traditional wearables can be found during festivals celebrations weddings parties , even when participating onto other cultural traditions that involve disguise -such things might require this formality after all.


The Popularity Of Japanese Masks

Japanese masks are a must-have for any anime fan, especially those who love cosplay. The variety and creativity that these outfits offer can be found in no other art form; they'll help you stand out from the rest of your peers while still being able to blend into whatever crowd or setting is appropriate at any given time.

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