Kimonos For Women

This season, we’ve got the latest kimono jackets to cover all your plans. From one hundred stars kimono, floral kimono robe to pink kimono robe, that can go with everything to longs and maxi styles for a night out on the town or as an effortless everyday outfit, our edit of women's kimonos has you covered in style! Choose from timeless floral prints (with matching tops!) or keep it chill at home with cotton-blend jersey shorts and casual hoodies.

This season is all about the kimono. Our collection of kimonos for women are super versatile for any occasion, from daytime to nighttime outfits. Be ready for anything in a black or white long sleeved style or white floral kimono, cherry blossom kimono and tanjiro blue kimono so you can go anywhere while still looking chic and stylish; no questions asked! Or pick something more daring like floral prints combined with neon colors to really take center stage wherever you may roam.