Yunomi Japanese Tea Cups

Yunomi Tea Cups long known as an aesthetic symbol of refinement, quality craftsmanship, and a refined taste in life, our cups have impressed other countries to start demanding fine ceramic tea sets. The Yunomi is taller than wide shape offers you an unobstructed view of the richness and colors on the inside while also providing steady support in case you can't stop drinking long enough to clean up! This type of cup originated from Japan over 500 years ago but has gained popularity throughout much of Asia.

The Design Of Yunomi Tea Cups From Japan

Designed with style and elegance, these tea cups make a great addition to any table, the Yunomi Japanese Tea Cups Set is a great gift that introduces the individual to the tradition and fascination of Japanese tea. Whether you live in an apartment or have a large family, the Yunomi Japanese Tea Cups Set will be perfect for having friends over to enjoy some of your favorite teas or coffees. Take time from your busy day and enjoy quality time with friends while networking or just catching up on life.

Tea Cups Set For Tea Lovers

The perfect cup for daily tea drinking. The Yunomi is made for those who drink Japanese green tea on a regular basis, as it is especially well-suited to holding the larger quantities of water than when using more formal teacups and bowls. The Yunomi can be found in stoneware or ceramic pottery, with aesthetic reasons dictating which one you should purchase for your personal enjoyment.