Handmade Walnut Wood Artisan Keycap - Thocky Keycap

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Walnut Wood Keyboard Hand Rest

Purchase Any 4 Keycaps To Receive A Free Japanese Walnut Wood Keyboard Hand Rest.

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R4 Height: 12mm

R3 Height: 10mm

R2 Height: 9mm

R1 Height: 10.5mm


Made With Real Japanese Walnut Wood

Compatible With Any Switches

"Thocky" Sound

Looking for the perfect artisan keycaps to make your custom mechanical keyboard sound extra "thocky" and look uniquely beautiful?

This Handmade Walnut Wood Artisan Keycap is exactly what you are looking for!

Each one of these handmade pieces have been carved from real high-quality walnut wood sourced all across Japan, weighing around 40 grams per keycap—which will sound "thocky" when being pressed on.



Purchase any 4 keycaps to receive a free Japanese Walnut Wood Keyboard Hand Rest.

Size: 30 x 8 CM
Weight: 300 G
Material: Japanese Walnut Wood