Samurai Art Tsushima Series

The Tsushima Series Samurai art is inspired by the deadly samurai warriors of The Ghost Of Tsushima, The Tsushima Series is perfect for any anyone who like canvas arts with dark theme.

This fan-favorite canvas features an intrepid samurai in the midst of a fierce battle. With red accent on the black background, this painting evokes that sense of fearlessness and ferocity. Get yours now, and start embracing your inner samurai with these hand-painted Tsushima Series Samurai Canvas Art. Check here for other styles of samurai art.

The History Background Of "The Ghost Of Tsushima"

The Tsushima Series Samurai Canvas Art is an outstanding representation of the samurai warriors from The Ghost Of Tsushima. This historical event took place in November 1274, during the first invasion by Mongol Empire as part of a plan to take over Japan and make it their vassal state.

The Message Behind Tsushima Series Samurai Art

The Samurai of Japan's traditional art were often portrayed as fierce warriors with a stoic expression in their portraits. The artist focused more on how these fearless individuals would look rather than what was happening at the surroundings, which made it feel like you are immersed into Japanese culture when viewing them because not only does samurai have deep meaning but also symbolizes honor and loyalty towards one another no matter what situation arises

The warrior's posture in the painting radiates with a strong sense of confidence, almost as if it is inviting you to step into their world. What are these brave men feeling? Pride for what they have accomplished or fear from just how dangerous this situation may be turning out to be? Or maybe even both.